The world through the eyes of animals

Did you know that animals see the world differently from what we as humans see the world?! If you didn’t, now you know!!!! Different animals perceive and see the world differently which is quite fascinating. Here, I have created a few gifs for you guys to see the world through the eyes of various animals.

  • Snakes– have their own versions of built-in infrared goggles called Pit Organs, that allow them to sense body heat from their prey and hunt them down!
  • Fishes– A fish can see way better than a human underwater because its eyes can absorb any light source!
  • Bees have 5 eyes with 1000s of lenses in their compound eyes as opposed to just 2 in humans!
  • Cats are color-blind and may recognize you only at a short distance, but they can see better in the dark than they do in the light!
  • Cows can see you approaching from behind without even turning their heads! They have what is called Panoramic Visions.

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